Visitor Policy

In order to maintain a pleasant experience for all visitors, ensure safety, and protect our natural resources and wildlife, we ask that the following rules be observed while visiting Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens:

  • Do not litter, please use receptacles provided, or better yet, consider bringing your trash and recyclables home with you.
  • Please do not bring balloons on site, we often find balloons in trees and in our waterways and they are a detriment to our local wildlife
  • Do not harass wildlife, please enjoy our wildlife from a distance, lake Katherine is their home, sometimes getting too close to an animal can upset breeding or feeding patterns
  • Please do not feed the wildlife, this creates a dependence on humans and often times is not an appropriate food for the animal which can cause significant health issues for the animal.
  • Do not wade in the water, the lake is not a swimmable or potable lake.
  • Please do not fish, we do have sanctioned fishing programs but over fishing and non-guided fishing can lead to discarded fishing lines, trampling of vegetation, and can cause other wildlife issues.
  • Please do not picnic or grill, small groups (less than 15 people) are allowed to have picnics in the festival grounds except when prior events are booked. There is no grilling on site what so ever.

Lake Katherine Ordinances

Our More Detailed List of Rules & Regulations

132.47 Public Use of Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens; Certain Acts Prohibited:

(A) It is unlawful for any person to:

  1. Introduce or remove any species of animal onto LKNCBG grounds, including all bodies of water on-site. Certain animals will be allowed for events and education programs when approved by the LKNCBG management. Exemption: Dog walking is allowed provided dogs are on a leash no longer than 10 feet. Dog walkers must possess and use a scooper or plastic bag to pick up and properly dispose dog waste material. All other pets are prohibited anywhere on the grounds.
  2. Introduce or remove any species of plant on to LKNCBG without prior permission from management.
  3. Feed, harass, hunt, or injure wildlife.
  4. Operate any motorized vehicle on LKNCBG property, except on approved roadways and parking lots. City personnel, and persons authorized by the City, may operate approved vehicles at the discretion of LKNCBG management.
  5. Remove, take, deface or destroy any property (man-made or natural), equipment sign, or building, except with permission from LKNCBG management.
  6. Set fires, except with permission from LKNCBG management.
  7. Ride bicycles, roller blade or skateboard except where posted.
  8. Discard, abandon, place or deposit, except in the containers provided, any wire, cans, bottles, glass, paper, trash, rubbish, garbage, cardboard, wood boxes, or other animal, vegetable, metal, or mineral materials or to dump any of the listed items on LKNCBG property.
  9. Remain on LKNCBG property immediately after sunset or before sunrise, except when authorized.
  10. Canoe or kayak, except when authorized.
  11. Fish (except when posted or during an event sponsored or approved by LKNCBG management).
  12. Swim or wade in any body of water except under the supervision of a LKNCBG management.
  13. Operate any toy watercraft on Lake Katherine.
  14. Picnic, except when posted.
  15. Possess, display or use any weapon or firearm, except police officers authorized to do so.
  16. Possess or consume illegal drugs.
  17. Possess or consume any alcoholic beverage except when covered by liquor liability insurance, and within set perimeters.
  18. Camp, play ball games, or fly kites except when sponsored by LKNCBG.
  19. To meet in groups of 15 or more without written permission from LKNCBG management.
  20. Take wedding or commercial photographs or videos without a permit issued by LKNCBG management.

(B) Penalties

  • Any person violating provisions of this section are subject to a fine of $250 for each violation.