Tree & Shrub Donations

Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens in Palos Heights has lasting ways for you to honor or memorialize that special person in your life amid the splendor and beauty of Lake Katherine.

The Arboretum

On the southern shore of Lake Katherine, the Arboretum surrounds a meandering walking trail, complete with groves of trees and benches placed to enjoy a sweeping view of the lake. Choices for Arboretum tributes include:

  • Flowering/ornamental shrub, with personalized plaque - $250
  • Your choice of tree, with personalized plaque - $600

The Children's Forest

The Children's Forest, at the west end of Lake Katherine, is a favorite of youngsters, with its storytelling circle, schoolhouse arch, restored wetland, and proximity to "Turtle Bay" and its visiting wildlife. Choices for Children's Forest tributes include:

  • Flowering/ornamental shrub, in your choice of location, with personalized plaque- $250
  • Your choice of tree (oak, evergreen, or maple), with personalized plaque - $600

The Northern Shoreline

The walking trail curves through the northern shoreline of Lake Katherine, a secluded spot to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Woods interspersed with benches line the northern shoreline, offering visitors views of both the lake and the canal. Choices for Northern Shoreline tributes include:

  • Oak tree, in your choice of location - $500
    (Plaque not included)

Donate a Tree or Shrub

Download the donation form (PDF)