Tree & Shrub Donations

Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens in Palos Heights have lasting ways for you to honor or memorialize that special person in your life amid the splendor and beauty of Lake Katherine. 

The Arboretum

On the southern shore of Lake Katherine, the Arboretum surrounds a meandering walking trail, complete with groves of trees and benches placed to enjoy a sweeping view of the lake. 

The Children's Forest

The Children’s Forest, at the west end of Lake Katherine, is a favorite of youngsters, with its storytelling circle, schoolhouse arch, restored wetland, and proximity to “Turtle Bay” and its visiting wildlife. 

Tree and shrub Choices for 2024

Bur oak, white oak, chinquapin oak, river birch, paper birch, catalpa, ironwood, white, sycamore, and American beech. (No maples or pears)
Trees cost $600 with a personalized plaque.

Wahoo, smooth hydrangea, pagoda dogwood, winterberry, buttonbush, red twig dogwood, spicebush. (Many of the bushes this year are chosen with planting around the waterfall in mind.)
Shrubs cost $250 with a personalized plaque.

Every effort is made to get the requested tree, but occasionally, suppliers are out of stock.

Order Information

Orders received by March 31st will secure a spring planting. Spring planting occurs in April and May. Any orders received after March 31st will be planted in our fall season, which starts October 1st.

Orders received by August 31st will secure fall planting. There is no guarantee for planting in the fall on orders received after August 31st.

Dedications are good for twenty years.

To discuss a special tribute for your loved one at Lake Katherine, please get in touch with Gareth Blakesley, Director & Chief Naturalist, via email at