Homeschool Days

Homeschool Programs

Individual homeschool students of the grade 1-5 equivalent age may register for preselected programs. Organized homeschool groups of 10 are encouraged to register all together. Registration payment must be made day of registration to reserve your spot. Space is limited, 10 kids maximum.

During this program you will be sharing a space with other families. Masks are required during the session. Only registered individuals may attend this program, no unregistered siblings will be allowed to attend. (Babies in carriers or strollers are okay).

Cost is $9 per child. Program dates are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:15am-12:45pm or 4:00pm-5:30pm. Parent may drop off child so long as they are picked up within 10min of end of program and child can maintain following protocols.

Wetland Wonders Sept 22 

Take a hike on the shores of Lake Katherine using water nets to collect specimens. We will examine the specimens using magnifying glasses and a dissecting scope.

Tree-mendous Trees Sept 29 

Climb to greater heights by learning about trees. Figure out how to identify trees, the different parts of a tree, and what makes trees so tree-mendous.

Seeds, seeds, seeds Oct 6 

There’s more to a seed than meets the eye. Learn about different types of seeds, how they travel, and uses for seeds. Take a seed experiment home with you!

Outdoor Skills Oct 13 

Develop your outdoor skills by creating a shelter from the materials around you, learn fire safety and build a fire, and get a sense of direction by using a compass.

Who’s caught in the web? Oct 20

Don’t get caught mistaking a spider for an insect! Learn the difference between insects and spiders. Keep an eye out, or eight, to look for our eight-legged friends.

Linked Together Oct 27 

Explore what a food chain is and what a food web is and how they tangle together. Discover how humans, animals and plants depend on one another.

Group Field Trips

Organized home school groups of 10 or more age-appropriate students are encouraged to register for their own group field trip program. A designated member from your group can request programs by calling our naturalist. All registration forms from the group must be turned in (in person at the nature center or mailed in) one week prior to the date chosen. 

Lake Katherine’s program refund policy is the Monday before the program to full refund. Less than 4 days, no refund.