School Field Trips

Why not enhance your school learning programs with a trip to Lake Katherine or have us visit you? Our programs are hands-on and learner centered. Each season offers different lessons and experiences. Field trips and Outreaches can be scheduled all year round. Our programs follow the Next Generation Science Standards.

Program Details

Group Size
· Maximum 75 students per program
Program Length
· 1.5-2 hours
· May include guided hike + animal visit
· $6.00/student (min. $30/program)
· $30 lunch fee (lunch not provided)
· $1 per person/hayride

 A $50 non-refundable deposit must be  made one week in advance to secure staff and space. This price is not in addition to the total.

 What's On The Menu?

This hands-on program will help students learn about the food chain & food web. They’ll observe skulls & their teeth to determine what they eat and play food chain games. (3rd-6th Grade)

Who's Whoo?

A naturalist will lead an interactive discussion of owl adaptations. Students will become forensic scientists and dissect their own owl pellet to study their diet. (3rd-5th Grade) *$8.00/student

Winging It

Students will discover the unique attributes of birds through hands-on investigations. They will measure wingspans, look at feathers & more. (2nd-5th Grade)

 Fur, Feathers & Scales

Students will touch and explore various body coverings of animals such as snake skin, turtle shells, mammal pelts & feathers. (PreK-1st Grade)

 Animal Adaptations

This program focuses on the adaptions mammals make during the winter time. Learn about migration, adaptation, & hibernation. (K-5th Grade)

Explore Lake Katherine

Explore the 4 different habitats of Lake Katherine. In the style of a scavenger hunt, students will explore and compare the different vegetation. (1st-12th Grade)

I Spy - Spring

Read a book with us about transitioning into the spring time. Enjoy 5 different stations. (PreK-1st Grade).

I Spy - Fall

Read a book with us about transitioning into the fall time. Enjoy 5 different stations. (PreK-1st Grade).


Students will investigate a variety of seeds & how they disperse. Students will engage in sorting, examining with magnifiers, dissecting, and planting seeds. (PreK-2nd Grade)


By using art, science & literature, students will do a scientific exploration of worms. Investigate live worms and identify different parts. (K-5th Grade)


We will discover the world of insects & arthropods. Enjoy activities like building a bug, organizing bugs into categories, and going on a bug hunt. (PreK-3rd Grade)

Snakes, Turtles & Frogs, Oh My!

Encounter the world of native Illinois reptiles and amphibians. Learn who has scaly skin and who has wet, slippery skin. Observe, touch, and learn some characteristics of these unique creatures.  (1st-5th Grade)

Wetland Wonders

Using dipping nets, students will look below the surface of water and be able to look under a microscope at macro & micro invertebrates. They’ll also learn about water quality, water movement & erosion. (3rd-5th Grade)