Wedding & Group Photo Permits

Married couple kisses in garden

Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens provides an ideal background for wedding and other special occasion photography. In order to accommodate as many photography requests as we can, special rules are set for site use.

  • All professional photographers, wedding parties, and groups larger than 5 people taking photos or videos on Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens property are required to obtain a photography permit.
  • Permits are issued on a first come first served basis. A fee of $100 is charged for a one hour period. Timeslots begin and end on the hour.
  • No more than three groups are allowed per hour.
  • Wedding parties may use the grounds for one hour only, and are limited to the couple, parents, and attendants totaling no more than 25 people.
  • Please keep in mind that Lake Katherine is open to the public and privacy cannot be guaranteed.


Interested in signing a photo permit (PDF)? Send the completed application to the office by fax or USPS, or email